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A well-written CV and Cover Letter is a major selling point of a job seeker. Today, employers are receiving 100s of CVs for every job they advertise. Your CV must stand out if you want to compete and secure the interviews and job offers you deserve.

There are varying opinions on what information a CV should contain, but ultimately, a CV that effectively showcases your value is what will ensure that recruiters want to meet with and interview you. To make a good CV, you need to identify and market your skills, experience and achievements. Write a compelling CV that convinces employers to interview you instead of the other 50, 100 or 200 applicants.

The CV Service includes:

  • Proof-reading, spelling and grammar checking are included - removing errors stops your CV being rejected and helps you get more interviews.
  • Your new CV is emailed to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can edit or change it yourself - employers expect you to email your CV in Word format and agencies insist on it, so they can edit your CV before sending it to employers.

Our CV service will significantly improve your current CV (or we can create a new CV if you don't already have one), helping you to get the job interviews that you want.

Your CVs and Cover Letters will be written by our team of experienced Career Consultants. Each CV is perfectly crafted to showcase the candidate at their best.


Professional CV Review: Students and Fresh Graduates (0 - 3 years’ work experience)

Showcase your academic and volunteer experience so that an organisation will notice you. We help with an impressive student resume, graduate resume, or business school resume.

Professional CV Review: Mid-Career (3 - 8 year’s work experience)

Are you an experienced job seeker who want lateral or middle level management/operative roles. You need a well-crafted document that communicates the qualities companies look for: experience, leadership ability, and character.

Professional CV Review: Top Executive / Senior Management (8+ year’s work experience)

Are you a top executive and don’t even have your CV documented? We will provide you with an international standard up-to-date resume that is going to showcase you to the recruiter. The competition for management can be fierce and the candidate who lands the interview has the most impressive professional CV.

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