Meeting and Conference Planning

Meg Consults has extensive experience in planning and managing meetings and conferences that range in size from 10 to more than 1,000 participants. Our conference and meeting planners work with project staff to ensure that our clients’ events impact participants. We provide site selection, online/on-site registration, travel reservations, program management, and marketing services. We negotiate and maintain contracts with national hotels and convention center chains. Our comprehensive services allow clients to receive a seamless, all-inclusive, event management package.

Our Specialty:

  • Program Design & Management
  • Meeting & Conference Planning and Management
  • Training & Technical Assistance
  • Product Development
  • Data Management
  • Proposal & Grant Writing
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We provide professional Human Resource and Career Development Consulting to support you with the best Talent Sourcing and Development practice, HR Strategy Development and innovation on your organisation to deliver the right bottom line.


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